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Central Park

So it has been a while. Sunday was such an incredible day! Before church I went to this deli I used to go to every Thursday morning last semester before my 8:00 am class to get a 60 cent toasted buttered bagel. This morning I got a nice breakfast. I went to church, and worship was very moving. A lot of the message was about God being a Father to us all, so afterwards I called my dad to tell him I love him. After church, let's see it was Regis, Kenny, Jin, Jodi and I went to the grocery and picked up some picnic food, and then we walked to Central Park and had a picnic. It was incredible! I absolutely love Central Park, especially on gorgeous Sunday afternoons. Heaven. The food was wonderful, the company was better and I just lay in the sun. Heaven.

Sunday night was incredibly productive. I studied for my French test, finished Fast Food Nation and got a very detailed outline for the first question on my Modern America final. Awesome. Monday morning was great because I did NOT have to go to lab, woo-hoo! So I got a nice breakfast at Downstein and then went to Starbucks and studied for my French test. The test went alright. Mainly I'm just SO INCREDIBLY GLAD to be finished with one of my classes for the year. One down, three to go. Monday was also my last Modern America recitation and my last ConWest lecture. Sigh. Oh, and I got my ConWest paper back. The paper I was never going to mention ever again. Wasn't even going to look at again. I actually did well on it. So God has once again proved His sense of humor to me :) And Monday night was the last night for women's small group. It was a great night; we prayed over each other, and we will get to see everyone in the fall. After that I went to the library and wrote out the first two pages of my Modern America final. My outline was amazing. Then Thomas and I went to Midnight Breakfast at Palladium. I was happy with it.

So even though Monday was the last day of classes, I still had my 8:00 am Einstein's Universe lecture on Tuesday morning. This last lecture was our exam review. I am not worried about this final at all. Good, one less thing to study for. After class Grace and I got breakfast, then we walked back to Brittany together. I had to unplug the fridge so it could defrost. Then we both walked back to the library to be productive. And I was massively productive. I finished the entire first question for my MA final, and I did an outline and wrote the first two pages for the second question. I found my miracle spot for the day. At 12:30 I went and got Grace and we went to Kimmel for lunch. The rest of the afternoon was devoted to being productive even more. Dinner at Downstein and then more work at the Penthouse in Brittany.

This morning I had to turn in the fridge at 10:30 in the morning. So I got up, showered and edited my first two question for the MA final. The thing is, the answer had to be no more than three pages. Well, my question one was three-and-a-half pages. So I had to cut parts of it down. I did get the fridge turned in today, so yay for one less thing to think about. I really needed some cash, so I sold the rest of my ConWest books back to the bookstore and was rewarded with $13. I know it was a rip-off, but I really needed the money. After that I met Sasha for lunch at Downstein at 11:30. She had her politics final today and I hope it went well. After lunch I went to Kimmel to study for my ConWest final that was today at 4:00. And right now I am SO glad that's done and over with. Two down, two to go.

After the final I hustled over to this Italian restaurant on University where I met with Grace, Nancy, Ina, Danielle, Kathryn and Jasmine for dinner. Today is Grace's birthday, yay! We ordered the "family size" of these three dishes, and they were so good. And I really tried to remember the names of them, but they were just too Italian for me. My Italian menu is pretty short. Spaghetti and lasagna are about it. I had a really good time. It was nice to spend time with everyone and have one last dinner together before summer starts. Then I came back to Brittany and finished editing the third essay for my MA final. And as of right now, I am completely done! Yay! That is one huge weight off of my shoulders. All I need to do is go print it out tomorrow and then I am done with another class.

So back to the old To-Do list.

French workbook
French oral final
French test
ConWest final
Modern America final
Einstein lab
Einstein final

I'm not crossing off the MA final yet because it isn't turned in yet. Patience.

Finals week is so different compared to the rest of the semester. The library is so much more crowded than usual. When I was there on Tuesday, it was packed. And it is never packed before noon on a weekday. Trust me, I know. And Kimmel was really crowded. There were lots of study groups meeting at Kimmel. Plus the whole atmosphere of NYU feels different. Everyone is a bit anxious and a bit excited to finish. I guess because I didn't have any finals last semester and because of the strike I missed all of this last time around.

It is really sinking in that my freshman year of college is ending. This is such a milestone. I can't believe it went by so quickly. And I'm still no closer to knowing what I'm going to do with my life. Comparatively, I know less than I did when I came here. But I got more of God, so it's a more than fair trade I'll say. And I've got some new ideas I never considered before. Like now I am seriously considering becoming a college professor. I would absolutely love to do it. And my love for CNN has been rekindled. I just am so interested in politics and making a difference. Now I am so much more at peace about it because I know God will call me to a profession. Before, I felt like I absolutely had to make a huge impact on the world or I was some kind of failure at life. Now I know that's not true. Praise God.

It's raining outside. I need to put my umbrella back in my bag.

I still have not even thought about packing. But my dad is leaving for New York tomorrow, yay! I am so excited for him to come see the city.

Quite an update. Quote for the day is:
"Direction is more important than speed. We are so busy looking at our speedometers that we forget the milestone."
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It is really frustrating that college does that to you. I, too, know less and less about my career plans the longer I stay in college. It is almost like a fairytale forest that lulls you into a permenant sleep as you pass through; some people never seem to get out of college. You still have plenty of time to enjoy the possibilities but I've gotta start fighting my indecision actively pretty soon or I'm gonna do something unthinkable like go to grad school! GASP!