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I had the best day ever yesterday :)

I have gotten so efficient with my cleaning and laundry. I finished with everything by 11:00, yes I did. So then I headed over to Starbucks to do some reading, and I got a turkey sandwich from Campus Eatery with my last $5 of Campus Cash. As of right now I have 43 cents left. I'm reading this book Fast Food Nation, and it is so good! It's kind of like watching Super Size Me, only I'm reading. I saw Regis at Kimmel when I decided to go fill up my water bottle. And Jin and Jodi were on the 9th floor because there was an Invisible Children screening going on. I did manage to get some ConWest vocab done at Starbucks and I finished it at Kimmel. Very slowly, however, because my phone rang about six times. I would just get into my work mode and then the table would begin to vibrate. Oh well. So the morning and afternoon were good because I was so productive.

At 5:30 Sasha, Alyse and I ate at Downstein. And the food was actually good, too. And I used my last meal of the week. I'd been saving it, too. But it was fun to spend time with them, since we are going to be roommates next year. At 7:00 we went to Kimmel because Amanda was having her Christian art show. The room was decorated really, really nice, with rose petals and cool beads and coffee beans. The entire room smelled like coffee. And there were all kinds of different creams and powders to put into the coffee provided. And I definitely went overboard with some of them, hehe. But it was really good. Really, really good.

And the artwork was good, too. This one woman traveled to Israel and took pictures of a lot of the Holy Areas from the Bible. It was really moving, I thought. I started thinking what if I traveled to Jerusalem or Bethlehem or the Jordan River? I would be so moved that I'd just cry the whole time and my pictures would be out of focus. And there was this painting of a house with a mom in the kitchen cooking and three girls jumping rope outside and huge sunflowers making up the front yard. I really liked it because that's what my house might look like when I actually have one. I'll be the mom in the kitchen cooking and my kids will be outside playing. No TV, no video games. Outside. Fresh air. Sunshine.

So me, Alyse, Amanda, Thomas and Sasha hung out until 10:00 just talking. It was so much fun.

Afterwards we decided to go to the West Village for some pizza. We went to this place on 6th Avenue called Joe's Pizza. Apparently it's the pizza place in Spider-Man 2. Neat. So we bought an entire cheese pizza. We were going to walk and eat it, but it got too awkward, so we decided to go to the park instead. And then Alyse and Sasha were a little nervous because they had always heard not to go into the park after dark. Pshhh. No way, the park is so safe. Except for this one part, the entrance across the street from Hayden where all the drug dealers hang out. But it was so much fun. I just really enjoyed eating pizza and hanging out with my friends in the park. There was this cop car driving around the park also, and he slowed down to a crawl when he drove by us, probably looking to bust us for something. And they were checking out Amanda's bottles of whipped cream that were extra from the event. Yeah, now that's dangerous stuff, let me tell you. And then they circled around again watching us. We were just laughing at them the whole time.

It was just so nice to hang out in the park. Especially since it was a nice night. After that we decided to go to the Starbucks at Astor Place. We dropped off Amanda at Third North and found an empty table inside Starbucks and just talked. Wal-Mart, Mean Girls, tube tops, whatever. It was fun. We found out that Sasha had worn a tube top to a wedding before. And that is totally a line in Jeff Foxworthy's "You Might Be a Redneck If..." jokes. We definitely had fun with that joke for a while. And Alyse has only been to Wal-Mart once in her life. I can't fathom a world without Wal-Mart.

Then Sasha and I walked back to 10th street. And my room was quiet, thank God, because everyone else was out of the room. So I could actually fall asleep in darkness and in quiet. Which doesn't happen often.

So I'm really thrilled with my Friday.

Today was supposed to be such a productive day, but so far it's not turning out so good. Oh well. Now I must find me some food. Quote of the day is as follows (which is something I fully believe in, too):
"The real test of friendship is: can you literally do nothing with the other person? Can you enjoy those moments of life that are utterly simple?"
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