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Today was such a good day. The SUN was SHINING!! Woo-hoo! Any day with the sun is automatically a good day. For the most part. And of course cloudy days are not all bad, just they could be better. But it felt so nice to walk down the street in just a T-shirt.

Einstein's Universe was more crowded than usual. And Thursday will be packed because it's supposed to be the last lecture to review for the final. However, we're supposed to review for the final next Tuesday (?) even though classes have ended, so I don't know what to do. Go to class I guess :) Hopefully the final will be as simple as the midterm.

(Quick side note: the woman at the computer next to me cannot type, so she is very loudly jabbing her index fingers into the keyboard. Using an immense amount of force. The entire table is shaking.)

Anyway, after breakfast I had my French oral final exam. Yikes. I'm just glad it's over with right now. Last night I was listening to my Notre Dame de Paris soundtrack, and I was looking at the lyrics as I listened. I have now gained a new appreciation for the songs. Now they actually mean something more to me than simply being beautifully moving songs of love, loss and passion. Take "Dechire" for example. It is so much more than a song about being split up and torn apart. It's about a man who loves two women, how one woman is for the day and the other is for the night, one woman is for Heaven and the other for Hell. It is so beautiful.

And "Florence." Now that I know what Frollo and Gringoire are really singing about, I can understand their confusion and sense of loss with how the world is changing, with Luther's new ideas and Gutenberg's printing press. No wonder they say the Bible killed the Church and man killed God.

So today I finally went to the gym. It's been too long and I really, really wanted/needed to go. After that I could relax and take my time getting dressed. I finished The Tempest today, and then I fell asleep in Kimmel for like 15 minutes. Which is so not like me. At all.

I ate three meals today. I'm so happy. And pleasantly full. However, now I only have three left for the rest of the week. Yikes. I'm glad we're having dinner at Navs and at IV.

On my way home from the gym I saw a dog and it looked like it was made of yarn. Seriously, this was a major case of doggie dreadlocks. Wow, someone was bored at the groomer's.

My French composition for tomorrow is finished, yes. Back to my list from Sunday:

French workbook
French oral final
French test
ConWest final
Modern America final
Einstein lab
Einstein final

Much better. Looks good to me.

I got an A on my Modern America term paper. I am quite thrilled. So I'm doing pretty good in that class, thank God.

I'm still not quite sure what to make of some people. Grace and I were in Barnes & Noble, and there were these three writers sitting next to us. Later we overheard them talking about the class they're taking together. They kept looking over at us as if our very presence, our very existence was disturbing the flow of their magic. Give me a break. New York is full of characters. I love it.

I should read Fast Food Nation right now, but I really want to read my Newsweek right now instead. And our last Brittany Bible study is tonight. Tear. But I'm really happy for Katinka, moving to Cleveland and all. And I'm so grateful for this Bible study and how it brought me lots of close friends.

Not much else to say at this exact moment in time. So I leave you with this quote (unfortunately LiveJournal is fighting my attempts at accent marks):
"Je m'enflamme et me consume/Pour les yeux d'une etrangere/Qui ont bien plus de mystere/Que la lumiere de la lune"
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