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Paris and New York Are So Different, Yes They Are

So I'm so glad that I actually know my way around New York. I mean, I'm glad I lived in a big city before I came to Paris. If I had only lived in Navarre, and then came to Paris, I would be so incredibly lost right now. Not only the language, but also just city life in general. I know how to cross a street properly. I know how to walk with a purpose even if I'm hopelessly lost. I know how to use public transportation. Thank You Jesus.

So, might you ask, what exactly is different between Paris and New York? Beaucoup de choses, that's for sure. So let's start with...

The Metro:
In Paris, the metro (not the subway or the train, as I'm in the habit of calling it) is so much cleaner and nicer. I mean, it's still public transportation, but hey. Paris is much smaller than New York, so the metro may or may not be more efficient, I'm still not sure. I do know that the Paris metro has many more lines for such a small area and runs in every direction possible, not just uptown/downtown. So basically, I can just get on the metro anywhere and transfer to where I need to be. And transferring is so much easier here than in New York. But, the metro here does close. Yes, it closes. At around 12:15 AM, except for Saturdays, where it closes at about 1:15/1:30 AM. So you either have to head home or stay out all night and catch the first metro at 5:30 AM. Comme vous voulez. And over here the doors do not open automatically - there is a handle you have to pull to open the doors. But the doors do close automatically, and there is no way to keep them open once the conductor has sounded the buzzer. You can lose your arm so easily in these doors. So yeah, you just pull the handle to get out.

Yes, milk. Over here, unopened milk does not have to be put in the fridge. Believe it or not, not all milk is "fresh" milk. My host mom actually stores milk in bulk in la cave (basement). This is still so weird to me. I mean, you don't have to keep milk in the fridge? And it's not powdered milk or anything like that. This is real milk. Wow. Once you open it, of course, you have to keep it cold. But this is like buying milk at Sam's or something.

So that's all the time I have today, but there will be more updates in the future. I leave you for now. Quote for the day is:
"I declare the end from the beginning, and from long ago what is not yet done, saying: My plan will take place, and I will do all My will."
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