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Back Home

I love going to Winn-Dixie. I think that's the real Navarre. The Navarre I grew up in.

Southern accents
little kids running around
trashy magazines (I bought one of course)
"long blonde hair, dark blonde roots"
work jeans
a huge beer display
thin gold wedding bands
NASCAR T-shirts

Yup, white trash how I have missed thee. In all seriousness, I really do love Navarre. It took me leaving and trying to run away from it all to realize how much I loved it. I absolutely love New York, that's for sure, but a part of my heart always belongs here.

So my dad and I just got back from there and we bought – get ready for it – a whole case of oysters. He just shucked two, and we each ate a fresh raw oyster right from the case. Yum. My hands are gonna be sore tonight. Luckily the shrimp we bought is already deveined, yes. Plus we're cooking crab and deep frying a turkey. This is going to be one amazing Christmas dinner.

Everything on the to-do list is now complete. School is officially over, and I am so happy! I am so content right now. Je suis contente. I love that sentence in French. It says exactly what I'm feeling. Contentment, happiness, comfort.

Mary, Missy and I went to Swing last night. I had so much fun! I love swing dancing even if I'm incredibly awkward at it. It's easier if you're dancing with someone who really knows what they're doing and they just swing you around the whole time. I'm not great, but the very last person I danced with during the last dance had the same rhythm as me, so dancing with him was perfect. We both naturally kept the same beat, so that was so cool.

My three cats are huge. Especially Booke. When I left in August, she was the smallest of the three. Now she's the biggest. Monster Cat. Catzilla. Kat Kong. She is so huge! I still can't get over how much she's grown. I don't think I'll ever put my kids in boarding school because I wouldn't be able to get over how much they change over one semester.

God has been so amazing to me. I absolutely trust Him completely. I just know everything's gonna work out in the end.

"It's alright/It's okay/I won't worry 'bout tomorrow/For it brings me one more day/Closer than I was to You"

I love You Jesus. Thank You for everything.

I'll write more later, promise. This entry is just right the way it is. Quote for the day:
"I love this bar/It's my kind of place/Just walkin' through the front door/Puts a big smile on my face/It ain't too far/Come as you are/Mmmm, I love this bar"
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