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My Weekend in PA

So I just had the most relaxing weekend in the world. I spent it in PA with my aunt, uncle and two cousins. Fantastic. You want to know what I did? NOTHING! It was so great! I did absolutely zero homework, yes that's right. Zero. And it felt awesome!

So this past Friday... yikes. I had a study abroad meeting on Friday morning at 10:00 am at Silver. I figure, why not do my laundry on Friday morning since I'm not going to work until the afternoon. I do my laundry and my bedclothes which, unfortunately, don't dry the first time in the dryer. Big surprise, but it did make me a bit late for my meeting. And then of course I decide to do my paperwork for my new bank account. Let me tell you how ridiculous the questions were. In order to "confirm my identity," they asked me these bizarre, off-the-wall questions based on my credit report. I ended up calling the customer service line and telling them "Look, I don't even HAVE a credit report!" Seriously, the only thing that could be on it is my student loans. Which I have made no payments on. So, honestly, my credit rating is probably zero since I have never had a credit card or made a loan payment or taken out a mortgage or anything like that. Even though I had to give them my birthday, social security number, blood type, mother's maiden name, DNA sequence, first born, etc. they still had to ask me these dumb questions to establish that I am who I say I am. This was supposed to take like five minutes, ended up taking over an hour, and I ended up leaving Greenwich at about, oh... five minutes till 10. Oh yeah, I have never in my life made it to Silver that fast. I literally ran across 7th and 6th avenues. I hate banks.

And then after the meeting (which was very informative) I was starving (no breakfast!!) so I bought a sandwich across the street from work. I was late to work, but no big deal. Like anyone would notice at this office anyway. I left work at 3:45 and then ran home, took a shower, packed my bag, packed a sandwich for the trip and then I was off! Except my bag weighed about a million pounds and I was not about to lug that sucker up and down the subway, so I took a cab instead. And the driver and I had a nice conversation, too. I bought a bus ticket and then headed over to good ol' gate 19. Except the line was SO LONG I ended up standing in front of gate 27. It is now ten till 6, so I'm not making the 6:00 bus. No way. 6:30 bus? Maybe. But yeah right. At gate 27?

These are the moments in my life where Jesus reminds me how much He loves me. I don't ever want to trivialize His love, but it is so wonderful when He takes care of the little things for me.

So at about 6:20 the line starts to move. I think, no way am I making this bus. But the line keeps on moving. And then all of a sudden I'm standing in front of gate 19. There are seven people in front of me. Driver announces "There are four seats left on the bus." I think, oh well, at least I'll be on the 7:00 bus for sure. But, it turns out there was a group of five women together who had to wait because not all five of them would have fit on the bus. So, me and the guy behind me were the LAST people to get on the bus! Yay! I was so excited because it is a two hour trip, I was tired and I wanted to get going. Whew! Thank You Jesus!

My weekend was so relaxing. My cousin Naomi (who's 11) had a soccer game on Saturday. It was so cold outside and windy but I loved it. Going over to their house always gets me in a mood. I'm just like, Okay God, I'm ready to settle down and all that. Bring on suburbia, a minivan, laundry, the works. I'm ready for it. So God, where is it? Hello? Are You there? It is a cycle. Not the desire part, but the impatience part. I have to remind myself everyday that God's time is not my time. He has a perfect plan for my life, and I know He is preparing my heart for whatever will happen tomorrow. He knows all and I definitely do not. So it's all good. If it is supposed to happen, it will. No worries.

On Saturday we went for a walk to visit Laura, and then on Sunday Bobby, Janie and I went for a walk by this creek at Beaver Dam park. It was so amazing. The leaves were all falling, and I love the sound of crunching leaves. I love to walk in them. Same with crunchy snow. Sometimes I deliberately change my path so that I step on what looks like an extra crunch leaf. It was so nice to be outdoors. I love this weather.

Took the bus back Sunday, made a quick run to the grocery store and then settled down to watch Desperate Housewives. Wow. Can I just say WOW about that episode? I've only been a fan of this show since this year (since it is always on in my room). Same with Grey's Anatomy. And this new show, Friday Night Lights is so incredibly good! I love it.

I want to write so much more, but I have to go to class now. Oh French class.

Oh, and I put Christmas CDs on my MP3 player! Yay!

Have a lovely Monday everyone. Quote for the day is:
"Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the Lord will be praised."
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