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Saturday in the Park

I love Central Park! :)

I've spent the last two days walking around the park, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. It is absolutely gorgeous outside. Real t-shirt weather. Yesterday I just went to Central Park and walked around and sat down and journaled. Then I came back to my room and collapsed on my bed. I was so tired. Then I went to Starbucks at Astor Place and journaled some more. Sasha called, and she, Amanda, Alyse and I went to Palladium for dinner. Then we went to Third North where Sasha, Alyse and I had some... interesting conversation. To say the least. Then we went to Coldstone for dessert, along with Sarah. I didn't get any, just some water for me. Afterwards Alyse, Sasha and I went to the Barnes & Noble at Astor and sat and read. Seriously, we each grabbed a book, sat by the window and read for like an hour until the store closed. Good times :) Then we just went back to our dorms. When I got back, three of my roommates were packing. One of them left this morning, actually. But rather than be productive, I just went to sleep.

I decided to be productive this morning. And I was, oh yeah. I actually got a lot of packing done this morning. Much better than what I was. Which was nothing. Now at least my room is a mess, a sure sign of moving in/out. Then Sasha and I ate at Palladium (she had breakfast food, I had lunch food) and then took the Subway up to Central Park. We had decided to do this last night. We walked around for a bit, then we found a bench and sat. She studied for a final while I read a book. It was so nice just to sit in the park. That's part of the reason I love it so much. Then we got up and walked around for a while. We got ice cream from a vendor. We considered going to the zoo but didn't want to pay money for tickets. And later on she headed back while I read some more. Heaven on earth, I'm telling ya.

God is generous. Last week, I found $5 in my bag. Total surprise. I thought I was flat broke. So I donated the money to Remnant's mission fund. Today, I'm going through some papers on my desk, and I find a $20 bill. Yes! Thanks, God. I'd love You anyway, but it's nice to be blessed also. Amen

I love New York. We spent part of the afternoon walking around 5th, Madison, Park and Lexington Avenues in the 70s. Beautiful. Not like I'll ever make it there :) but maybe one day.

I'm just so at peace right now. Life is beautiful.

One step at a time. I just gotta keep thinking that. One step at a time.

So my freshman year of college is coming to a close. Incredible. I've made it farther then I thought I would. I still can't believe I'm actually in college sometimes. And after three more years, I'm going to have a college degree. I am really proud of that. I'm on my way to actually graduating from college. I still get chills when I think about that.

I think I need to get some food now. Been a while since Palladium. So I leave you with this quote:
"No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow."
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